RZ Clarinets are crafted from naturally dried Grenadilla wood of the highest quality.

No stains or dyes are used on the wood and all instruments have their natural finish.


The new polycylindrical bore and RZ's optimized tone hole positions set the instruments apart and contribute to their purity, easy response in all registers, and beautiful warm sound.


The superb ergonomics and beautiful design of RZ's keywork bear further testament to the craftsmanship and dedication to quality which is evident in every part of the clarinets.

From the refining process to the premium silver plating for maximum durability, the keywork is impeccably made and held to the highest standards.


The individually developed and designed barrels and bells are from the same naturally dried Grenadilla as the body, and are alternatively available made from Cocobolo wood or Carbon for select models.


Milan Rericha


All instruments are individually play tested by Milan Rericha, endorser of RZ Clarinets, and only instruments with his approval and his signature on the guarantee card leave the RZ facilities in Kraslice-Klingenthal-Markneukirchen.





The manufacturing of wind instruments in the region of  Kraslice-Klingenthal-Markneukirchen (often referred to as the 'Musikwinkel') has been famous around the world since the 17th century.


Honoring the tradition of brilliant craftsmanship and hand made instruments,  RZ's master workshop was established in Kraslice, in the western part of Bohemia in 2000.

The high quality of the workshop's repair work, specializing in clarinet and oboe, drew the attention of many and soon RZ began collaborating with renowned German woodwind instrument makers.

During the following years, RZ continued to build strong partnerships that were founded in their commitment to high quality work and materials and soon moving into manufacturing became a real possibility.


At this point, the world-renowned Czech clarinetist Milan Rericha was a very familiar face at the shop and the idea of a collaboration to create a Czech professional clarinet was soon born. With his invaluable input, the development on the first RZ clarinet began.


After tackling the many prerequisites for a line of professional clarinets, such as a reliable source for high quality wood, and several years of prototyping, testing, tweaking, and fine tuning, the new line of RZ professional clarinets finally hit the market.


RZ clarinets are genuine Czech products, and are manufactured in the tradition of hand crafted musical instruments in Kraslice.

They truly are the result of affection, precision, and stunning beauty and embody the skill and experience of the Czech craftsmen on the RZ team and every single instrument leaving the RC facilities fully deserves to be proudly labeled:




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Milan Rericha